Fascist White Supremacist Violence Will Only Increase

Fascist White Supremacist Violence Will Only Increase

Consider two facts. One that the Census Bureau has projected white America would become a minority by 2045, and the other related to the fascist white supremacist violence we all witnessed on January 6. The combination should be a red flag for those protecting our democracy. If they think they lost an election today, consider what the white supremacists are capable of doing, considering the history white violence against other people in this country, when they can no longer win any elections.

In fact, the voter suppression laws the white supremacist racists in the south are passing are just a prelude to something more sinister when their efforts fail due to statistical realities. Unless we clip the wings of the racist south today, January 6 will become a normal occurrence the closer we get to 2045. It’s inevitable given the history of blood spilling by white America against non-whites.

Our only hope, today, is a more liberal leaning Millennial generation suffering from economic deprivation, and shackled by student loans that is killing the hopes their parents, the baby boomer generation, enjoyed unconditionally. The 45 million strong student debtors have yet to organize and possibly change the political landscape for good.


When did you ever hear a former high official of an administration encourage a military coup against our government the way Mike Flynn has when he wished us a Myanmar fate? This is unprecedented. It is the result of electing the loser Trump to the White House by uninformed and gullible, mostly racist, Americans. The idea of a military coup in America is no longer so impossible it cannot happen. In fact, the census data and the violence of the insurrection tell us it is probable.

Fascist white supremacist violence is upon us. Without a doubt, January 6 was only the beginning.

Furthermore, there is a definite correlation between white police officers killing innocent black men while enjoying total immunity and the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6. They all come from the same ilk, and while our government has ignored the problem of police brutality in the past, it ill-affords such luxury today when some of the domestic terrorists caught violently attacking the Capitol were members of the law enforcement communities.

David Neiwert writes in the Daily Kos:

The moment embodied one of the lurking realities of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection: Namely, that the far-right-wing crowd that besieged police barricades in an attempt to interrupt the ballot-counting proceedings that day, beyond the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and the hundreds who carried pro-police banners while attacking uniformed officers, included a significant number of men who were police officers and law-enforcement veterans themselves—all of whom saw the Capitol’s defenders as traitors, justifying their brutal assaults against fellow cops in their own minds.The Daily Kos by David Neiwert - July 28, 2021

More violence in the future is as certain as loser Trump lost the elections.

Fascist White Supremacist Violence Will Only Increase

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