Fools Are Those Who Think Elon Musk Champions Free Speech

Fools Are Those Who Think Elon Musk Champions Free Speech

Elon Musk is acquiring and privatizing Twitter under the banner of unlocking its free speech potential. Fools are those who think Elon Musk champions free speech for the sake of giving a boost to the First Amendment of our Constitution. Look at his history. Elon Musk is about not paying higher taxes, corporate socialism as he dips into the taxpayer till, and the demonization of the Progressive Agenda. Did he not ask on Twitter whether Senator Bernie Sanders was still alive? Why? Simply because it irked Musk that Sanders wants to close the loopholes the ultra rich use to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Is that free speech?

So, please don’t tell me it’s about free speech. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s about shutting down those who seek to fix the corruption so prevalent these days in Washington. Furthermore, it’s about seeking billions of free money from the U.S. Government by holding a Damocles Sword over the necks of all of our politicians.

Fools are those who believe Musk will protect free speech.


Does it concern no one that Elon Musk has zero experience running a social media company? Who will stand up to him if he makes changes to its algorithms to shut down ideas, or people? You think Senator Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t suffer the impact of his dislike for their policies? How is that free speech, I ask.

If there was a moment for our own government to step-in and cancel this deal, now is the time. The FTC cannot possibly approve this sale. It’s too dangerous to our democracy for one man to have so much power over the dissemination of ideas, and Elon Musk must not control Twitter. Period.

I think Musk should stick to Mars. It’s safer and more grandiose than trying to muzzle people on Twitter. It will be his end if he thinks he can control what people think, or say. Especially, with contrarian ideas that may annoy him. His past erratic behavior should make us all take a stand against this acquisition.

President Biden, please step-in. Next thing we know, it’s full fledged American fascism hiding behind free speech.

How would the President, past two years into his presidency, like to read a tweet from Donald Trump claiming the Democrats stole the elections from him.

That’s Musk free speech for you.

Musk knows the heydays of Tesla is behind him as competition in the electric cars space becomes much fiercer. I think the Tesla stock is overdue for a big adjustment.

Not unless China welcomes Tesla in its oversized market in return for controlling its message on Twitter. Folks, we have another Donald Trump in the making.

Free speech, my ass!

Fools Are Those Who Think Elon Musk Champions Free Speech

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