Gaza Is Prompting Serious Decolonization Discussions

Gaza Is Prompting Serious Decolonization Discussions
Gaza Is Prompting Serious Decolonization Discussions

Nothing in recent history has opened the eyes of the world on the impact of colonization and the Israeli terror like its war on Gaza. Millions around the world who did not pay attention, or who knew nothing about Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, are being jolted from their slumber into a humanitarian activism like we have never seen before. Gaza is prompting serious decolonization discussions, not only among the elites in Europe and the U.S. behind closed doors, but also among the common people on main streets.

All thanks to Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. Both had no clue that humanity was just at the cusp of rejecting 19th century practices in the 21st century’s first genocidal war on Gaza. One is trying to save his legacy to the last minute, and the other is pressing on, knowing his political career is over.

Let us wait and see how steep was the decline in Israel’s economy in the first quarter of 2024.


To this day, even after butchering 13,000 children, Israel is still mass murdering civilians around the clock; even aid workers or those waiting for aid. To call the Israelis who are committing these atrocities animals is an insult to all the animals. Their dehumanization and transformation into barbaric savages is shocking the world over.

And who is paying the price but the peaceful Jews who want nothing to do with the genocidal Netanyahu and his cabinet from hell.

Yet, American Zionists are still berating the world with their antisemitism echo chambers while their next of kin in Israel are butchering women and children without batting an eye. As if the world cares anymore about their labels.

Between Gaza and a new world order (BRICS+) gaining footing globally, the United States and Britain, both major colonizers, still live in the past. Some of their smartest people are beginning to understand this paradigm shift, but it is going to take another decade or so before these governments can rid themselves of the Zionists harming their interests.

Let us wait and see how steep was the decline in Israel’s economy in the first quarter of 2024. Maybe that would finally accelerate these decolonization discussions by those whose interests have been damaged considerably by the actions of Israel.

We are not taking any bets knowing how violent is the very nature of Zionism.

For Israel, it’s pre-1967 borders, or bust.


Does anyone think Senator Chuck Schumer would have delivered a scathing speech against Benjamin Netanyahu if he was not privy to serious information about the damage Israel is doing to U.S. interests and the Jews around the world? Not on your life, he would not. Such serious information is leading many to speak about decolonization, and a two-state solution.

Iraq, today, is in discussions with the United States to leave the country permanently. The U.S. is stealing Syrian oil as if it was theirs to steal. The U.S. is working seriously on regime change in Iran, Syria, and now Yemen as if it was their responsibility to decide who rules over these countries. American colonization is all over the map in the Middle East, and most Americans, who cannot spell the name of a country, are clueless about the U.S. foreign policies that are damaging nations across the globe.

But nothing is more damaging, in the aftermath of Gaza, than U.S. military and financial support for Israel. The United Stares cannot explain it, or justify it, when its own people are suffering from economic hardships here at home. But thanks to Gen Z, people are coaching up quickly to the ills of colonizing other people against their will.

Let us hope it all starts with the U.S. abandoning Israel altogether. Not today, but we will have to in the future if Israel ignores the plight of the Palestinian people and their freedom.

For Israel, it’s pre-1967 borders, or bust.

Gaza Is Prompting Serious Decolonization Discussions

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