HR1 Represents Our Defense Against Donald Trump

HR1 Represents Our Defense Against Creeping Fascism

Donald Trump is relentlessly and slowly trying to destroy our democracy, which gets us one step closer to fascism. Under that scenario, one party takes control of the U.S. Government by changing the rules midstream to hold unto power permanently. For The People Act HR1 represents our defense against the likes of Donald Trump and the possibility of creeping fascism that we are beginning to witness, and this is why it is imperative to pressure the Senate to pass the law without diluting its reach to reform our political system. We simply cannot afford to miss this opportunity to uphold our Constitution.

Let us never forget that when the previous one lost the election, his advisers were advocating to impose martial law to remain in power. It was a stroke of luck that Trump did not bite; however, the new laws the GOP are enacting to win elections are the first steps towards making sure they never lose again. Next time around, we may experience Berlin 1933 here at home.

Think of Donald Trump as a vampire who is sucking the life out of America. Slowly and deliberately by harnessing the astonishing ignorance and anger of tens of millions of Americans.

HR1 is our defense against his lies and overall danger to our democracy.

It [H.R.1] is our shield against the kind of danger America is witnessing today in the form of Donald Trump.


The fact that millions of Americans still believe that Joe Biden stole an election, even after all the evidence to the contrary much of it provided by Republicans and/or Trump cabinet-level appointees, is simply mind-boggling. This kind of ignorance, when exploited can mobilize and change the course of history. This is a subject matter that no one talks about. Congress must address this fundamental national weakness promptly. Our enemies are watching and planning as the Trump danger unfolds.

The problem is that no one is offering solutions to mute out that kind of ignorance. To start with reforming our education system, which produces such knuckleheads who believe everything they are told. Most Americans, believe it or not, never leave a 20-mile radius of where they live. Think about this to fully grasp why Trump concocted such a triumphant and evil strategy to corral their gullibility for his own personal benefit.

But plain ignorance and anger are not the only culprits.


As the Rules Committee in the Senate debates the merits of H.R.1, it is imperative that the Senators do not dilute the proposed law to render it ineffective. It is our shield against the kind of danger America is witnessing today in the form of Donald Trump. Even Republicans who support the previous one must realize their folly is a temporary reprieve and that Trump will eventually be relegated to the trash bins of history. This is their opportunity to indirectly protect the nation and themselves from another Trumpian dangerous tangent leading us towards fascism.

Hélas, most GOP Senators see H.R.1 as a tool against their comfort zones; albeit easy corporate money to win re-elections. I am not holding my breath for cowardice to metastasize into bravery.

If our government is to defeat gullibility and ignorance, it must gain back the trust of the people. Our politicians must stop lying to them.


It’s about trust. How much a citizen trusts their own government and its information machine.

When a government repeatedly lies, and eventually it releases documents after so many years that show clearly the lies, citizens no longer trust what officials claim to be true. Their next step is to peddle conspiracies to stay ahead of the game. It’s a power move to make-up for the government’s lack of candor and for their own lack of real knowledge they know will not be forthcoming from their own elected officials.

All of those Trump supporters who believe that Joe Biden stole the election are relying on history as the basis for their convictions. If the government lied to them so often in the past, Joe Biden is lying to them again as part of that conspiratorial cabal. Do you see how easy it is for QAnon conspiracies to spread? It’s because of lack of trust.

No need to go into a diatribe or to pontificate further over the causes, but suffice to say that lying so often in a democracy is bound to get the system in trouble. If our government is to defeat gullibility and ignorance, it must gain back the trust of the people. Our politicians must stop lying to them.

Exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump is doing today. H.R.1 will help by making our elections more transparent, which is an important new beginning on the road to our politicians making amends.

HR1 Represents Our Defense Against Donald Trump

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