Is Kyrsten Sinema in Love with Ted Cruz?

Is Kyrsten Sinema in Love with Ted Cruz
Is Kyrsten Sinema in Love with Ted Cruz?

In the beginning, everyone knew where Kyrsten Sinema stood on issues. Then, once she got close to Senator Ted Cruz, all hell broke loose. It culminated with her vote against the voting rights legislation. Is Kyrsten Sinema in love with Ted Cruz? We don’t have the answer to this question, but something is definitely fishy about her 90 degree pivot. Enough to assume that only love can be more powerful that her re-election to the Senate.

There is nothing one can say about Kyrsten Sinema that has not already been said. No other Senator, in recent history, has amassed so much goodwill only to lose it all in her freshman year. This is how angry Arizonians are about Sinema’s betrayal of the values that got her elected.


The latest polls indicate she only has a 19% approval rating. 49% of Arizonians disapprove of her strongly. That’s almost as bad as Donald Trump with one distinct difference: These are all Democrats. Sinema has no chance of winning as one group after another abandon her as fast as they can write their statements.

The Arizona Democratic Party even censured her. That’s truly unprecedented. It shows the anger seething against her.

No one knows what Sinema is thinking. She keeps to herself to the point that she has refused to even meet with any organization that supported her in the past. is it love, or is it stupidity? Who knows!

Maybe, she thinks she can love a Republican and get re-elected as she tells her story to millions of women. Or, maybe Ted Cruz convinced her he can get her re-elected. Who knows!

Maybe she no longer wishes to be a Senator, but the wife of one. Who knows!

The bad news is that we have to wait until 2024 before she faces a new challenger the DNC will back against her. Two more years of Sinema are just too much to bear. Especially, if Kyrsten Sinema is in love with Ted Cruz.

Don’t you think!

Biden would be a fool to negotiate anything with Manchin ever again.


In the other corner sits Senator Joe Manchin. He believes he can tire the President through many months of negotiations over a legislation, the Build Back Better, which he never intended to sign. And he succeeded.

After five months wasting the President’s time, Manchin appeared on Fox News to tell the world he is walking away. But the Senator from one of the poorest states in the union who drives a Maserati, is not finished yet. Joe Manchin believes he can fool Joe Biden one more time by seeking another round of negotiations hoping he can run the clock until the mid-term elections.

But that’s not his only goal. There is evidence that the President is under immense pressure from the African-American communities, whose voting rights Joe Manchin threw under the bus, to punish both Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

In order to avoid this fate, Manchin is seeking a new round of negotiations hoping the Democratic Party might just forget and forgive.

Between a corrupt Senator and another one deep in love with a clown, our voting rights are gone withe wind.


According to Dean Obeidallah of MSNBC, the President has many options before him to punish Sinema and Manchin:

He should say no to the people Manchin and Sinema want nominated as federal judges or any people they seek to recommend to the Biden administration, a freeze-out that would diminish the two senators’ power and influence. He should also use his influence to prevent the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from helping fund these two senators’ 2024 campaigns. Finally, Biden may have to very publicly support a primary challenge against them.MSNBC by Dean Obeidallah - January 22, 2022

This is one of the reasons why Manchin is offering to begin talking again. He wants to escape the punishment due to his treachery of the President’s agenda. Biden would be a fool to negotiate anything with Manchin ever again. The man is a Trojan Horse for the GOP, and it would surprise no one if he switched parties soon to avoid accountability.

Joe Biden has an opportunity to hammer the two Senators to send a strong signal that he is not a rollover. Short of that, the President would cement his reputation as a feckless leader who could not even rein a freshman Senator from a state he won.

Between a corrupt Senator and another one deep in love with a clown, our voting rights are gone with the wind.

Is Kyrsten Sinema in Love with Ted Cruz?

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