Justifying Calling Trump The Führer

Justifying Calling Trump The Führer
Justifying Calling Trump The Führer

Donald Trump has the intellect of your average blue collar worker. The man never reads a book, and knows as much about history, be it the U.S. or Europe, as a 10-year-old. When Trump speaks about “Poisoning of our blood” in describing immigrants, a comment Hitler made to describe the Jews co-existing with Germans, it becomes justifying calling Trump the Führer when we speak about the former President.

But how did Trump know how to use such messaging if he did not read books, or had an inclination to understand history, you ask? The answer is simple. Trump surrounds himself with people he borrows from to show his intellect. That quote “poisoning of our blood” came from someone who knew exactly where it originated from.

Remember the Thanksgiving dinner Trump had with Nick Fuentes, a known Hitler sympathizer, last year? Yes, the “company you keep” makes you that person.

The combination is the Holly Grail of extortion.


Trump’s anti-Semitism is only matched by the new true face of Elon Musk’s own views of the Jewish race, as well as black Americans. Recently, the owner of X/Twitter, has embarked upon attacking a Jewish organization, the Anti-Defamation League, just because it stopped advertising on the platform because of increased anti-Semitism ever since Musk became owner.

This led some to express outrage over the ADL tactic of cozying up to an antisemite like Musk, who simply seems to bask gleefully in that title. After Trump, comes Elon Musk. With those two powerful men using their access and control over information and news cycles to attack Jewry in America, Jewish-American citizens are no longer safe.

Both men are threatening American Jews for one simple reason: Money. Musk wants his share of advertising dollars on X/Twitter, and Trump wants all American Jews to donate to his campaign and not just the 20% alt-right conservatives who do today. The combination is the Holly Grail of extortion. It is spreading hate faster than a California fire.

But instead of fighting back, the ADL resumed its advertising campaign on X/Twitter. Instead of standing up to its mission of fighting anti-Semitism, the ADL succumbed to pressure. In fact, the appeasement has taken many American Jews by surprise, and one should expect for another more potent organization to rise to really fight anti-Semitism. Or, for the ADL President to resign. Eventually.

Nonetheless, for Punditry, justifying calling Trump the Führer was right on target when the former President borrows from Hitler’s own words.

We did not miss it at all.

Justifying Calling Trump The Führer

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