Ku Klux Klan Shed the Robe to Wear Police Uniforms

Ku Klux Klan Shed the Robe to Wear Police Uniforms
Ku Klux Klan Shed the Robe to Wear Police Uniforms

Could States pass laws that hold Police Unions accountable, with a mandatory prison time, every time they lie about one more racist police action? Those dens of racism are the reasons why we have such violent police officers in the first place shooting innocent black men, while running away, 90 times. In the back, mind you. Yet their Police Unions defended them just like the South defended the Ku Klux Klan since its inception. Often by lying to the media and the public about the circumstances of their premeditated murders. In brief, the Ku Klux Klan shed the robe to wear police uniforms with the intent of killing as many blacks while hiding behind badges and guns.

Yet, some still think the United States is not a racist country when its police force has been infiltrated by the KKK. Openly with the intent to assassinate innocent American citizens.


A Rochester police officer, angry that an EMT black woman, Lekia Smith, told him to wait until she treats her patient, roughed her up and handcuffed her for no reason at all. Soon thereafter, once an investigation began by the Rochester Police Department, the Rochester Police Locust Club issued a statement that both parties came to a “Mutual Understanding”, which resulted in letting the EMT go after detaining her for 30 minutes.

The problem with the “Mutual Understanding” claim is that it was a horrible lie. The police officer’s name remains anonymous; just in case the Rochester Police Locust Club needs him to kill some black person in the future.

Watch the video some 40 millions people have already viewed. This dumbass policeman forgot about the cameras in the hospital. Or rather, he did not care because his Police Union would have come to his defense no matter how many laws he broke. An officer of the law, he is not.

Did you know the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis defended the murder of George Floyd? I am not kidding you.



We must hold accountable Police Unions for falsifying facts, which the EMT, her supervisor, and the attorney representing the EMT described the “Mutual understanding” as “The boldness of that lie is jaw-dropping”. Why should the public just become the target of a Russian-like propaganda dispatched by White Supremacists whose very existence depends on killing Americans? Why?

We must pass the laws to detain all Police Union Presidents who make false public statements. Just like we hold accountable anytime someone who lies to the FBI. Our democracy is worthless if those in power can write their own false history.

This cowardly policeman arresting a 4’10” Lekia Smith is as cowardly as the Uvalde policemen who watched their own children die.

They are brave only when there is no danger. And never against armed killers, just against women and unarmed black men.

Ku Klux Klan Shed the Robe to Wear Police Uniforms

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