Mazars Just Nailed Trump Inside a Financial Coffin

Mazars Just Nailed Trump Inside a Financial Coffin

Mazars, the accounting company of the former President, announced it will no longer stand by the financial statements of the Trump Organization for the last 10 years. Such tells the world that the audit company realized how fraudulent the raw data the Trump Organization may have provided. It is a testimony to Trump’s criminal behavior in a world that runs in the other direction when it perceives any wrong doing. Financially speaking, Mazars just nailed Trump inside a financial coffin.

Add this latest twist to Deutsche Bank’s refusal to deal with Donald Trump, and the Fuhrer has now zero financial leverage to sustain his company’s existence or growth. Without auditors certifying a company’s financials, and without sustainable bank debt, companies with a considerable balance sheet eventually go bust because of trust and because any market gyration or economic downturn may, overnight, turn them into serious liabilities without short-term debt to carry them over during financial hardship. Without the possibilities to borrow, Trump must fund by himself his own companies for any short-term cashflow needs.

Mazars just nailed Trump big time in a financial coffin. Big enough for him to possibly lose his Trump Tower, I would say. Hello bankruptcy number seven. Or was it eight?

Maybe it just dawned on the Fuhrer that making so many enemies is not a good idea. No one blows more bridges like the Fuhrer does.


For Trump’s attempt to blow up our democracy, he has put himself under the biggest microscope any government might construct to watch him like a hawk. This means Donald Trump has very little room to maneuver except use his supporters to threaten the U.S. with another insurrection. Every move Trump makes leaves behind footprints of evidence many, be it Republicans or Democrats, will use to destroy him for good.

The Mazars move will force Trump to go down that path of even more illegal behavior. Who will bail him out if his financial misfortunes pile up? Certainly not Vladimir Putin now in the periscope sight of most western nations. Certainly not Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Dauphin that Trump saved his hind during his presidency. I would imagine our intelligence services have already passed the message for Mohammad to stand down.

Financially speaking, Trump’s ruin looks real now.

Add to the above the small issue that Trump owns $421 millions to some entity he must pay shortly, and one can already see the word “Trump” fall off from the Trump Tower. Grant you, this may be wishful thinking considering Trump’s luck in surviving disasters, but this time, it’s different. No banks to bail him out and no associates to lend him money. In my financial book, this is doomsday alright.

Hey Donald, do you want to take back the insults you showered our hero John McCain over the last seven years?


If you can equate Donald Trump to an aircraft carrier able to take a torpedo hit, the same will not survive if the attacks come from everywhere. This is what we are witnessing today. With so many legal perils awaiting him, and now this financial coffin nail, Trump’s ship is sinking slowly. In my opinion, the hits are just too many for Trump to survive legally or financially.

It is possible, with Mazars washing its hands off, that he may have just realized the same.

Hey Donald, do you want to take back the insults you showered our hero John McCain over the last seven years? Now is the time to repent your sins. Now is the time for you to realize that making so many enemies, so fast, may not have been a good idea.

You may run to your supporters for another rally, but you won’t be able to hide. Just accept the fact that your enemies are finishing you off slowly. Not because they could, but because your dishonesty and shadiness gave them the ammunition to finish you off.

Crookedness has been your foundation and crookedness will bury you as well.

Mazars Just Nailed Trump Inside a Financial Coffin

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