Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran

Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran
Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran

Two bombs exploded in Kerman, Iran, some 820 Km from Tehran, which killed dozens of Iranians all mourning during the 4th anniversary murder of General Qassem Suleiman Israel feared to its bones. Benjamin Netanyahu sends a message of terror to Iran labeled “We can reach deep inside your country to terrorize you anytime we want”.  Whether it was MEK proxies, or some other Kurdish elements in Iraq or Syria who planted the bombs, Israel wants to make sure the Mullahs got their message.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. But ISIS has become a product of western terror to distance itself from terror. If ISIS is capable of reaching deep inside Iran, all alarm bells would have sounded in Washington, but they did not.

In reaching deep inside Iran, Israel also sent another message: If you oppose our expansion through terror, there is no Arab or Muslim society that is safe from us. We can start a civil war in any country anytime.

The combined murder of a top Hamas political figure in Beirut, Lebanon followed immediately by the bombs in Kerman, Iran are having a chilling impact on all the Arab countries. All are realizing that the United States has just unleashed a monster incapable of restraint and with one purpose in mind: To sow death and destruction.


Throw the old rule book out of the windows. The new Israel before us is an animal, led by sub-human beasts, with an immense capability to do much harm to the region and the international community. After all, Hitler did not kill all those Jews without a motive. Hate alone does not push people to kill so many by gassing and burning them using industrial-grade methods. The whole story is far from being told, as the Zionists buried it deep, never to reveal it to the world.

All the Arab countries, in addition to Iran and Turkey, better prepare for that new state of terror rising before us. Today, all these countries still deal with Israel of the past. As one fearing wars, or the murder of its people, or the global public opinion turning against them. All of it now is just hogwash. The new Israel we are witnessing today is a barbaric beast intent on causing the maximum harm to all those who do not submit to its hegemony and terror.

Israel is sparing no country, regardless of the consequences.

And should it put itself in a pickle, Israel can always call the U.S. armed forces to fight its wars and die honorably for a cause no American believes in, or is even remotely connected to. Just as Israel did during the Iraq war when the Zionists invented the WMD excuse to destroy their nemesis Saddam Hussein. Which, incidentally, empowered Iran in such a way as the country became 10 times more dangerous to Israel than Iraq could have ever been under Saddam.

The mistakes the Zionists make always come back to haunt them. Gaza will be no different.


Israel has planted spies across the Middle East. These are disenfranchised people willing to spy for Israel to survive the economic hardships Arab dictators proliferate as a tool of self-survival.

Below is the proof as uttered by an Israel Parliamentarian.

Israeli Deliberate Starving of Women and Children. Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran
Israeli Deliberate Starving of Women and Children. Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran.

All Arab countries must share intelligence to flush out Israel’s spies in the region. Especially from Arab communities that have historically sided with Israel, like the Kurds. Once they destroy the Levant region, the Zionists will be coming for Saudi and Qatari gas and oil.

Remember their proverb they pride telling. “If I don’t steal it, someone else will”.

Normalization for Israel is really anesthetization of Arabs.

Incidentally, for those Arab leaders who have yet to figure it out, the new Israel is America’s Hezbollah. A legitimate proxy with a U.N. seat, dedicated to terrorizing on behalf of the United States.

Netanyahu Sends A Message of Terror To Iran

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