The Israel Ass Kissing Debate of the Century

The Israel Ass Kissing Debate of the Century
The Israel Ass Kissing Debate of the Century

We don’t know who is more racist, or more supremacist, than the two unqualified candidates the US political establishment has offered the public to choose from. In other words, who is worse? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? The answer to this question will become obvious after tonight’s not so highly anticipated Israel ass kissing debate. This contest will be more about who will lick Benjamin Netanyahu’s balls more, than about serving the interests of the American people outside the scope and influence of Israel.

There is no need to fasten your seat belts, or expect some wondrous display of political bravery. None will be aired on our screens tonight. But since both CNN anchors asking the questions are committed despicable Zionists, we do expect both Jake Tapper and Dana Bash to humiliate both candidates for Israel’s sake.

There is no America first tonight. Only Israel matters, and most questions about foreign policy will probably only cover Israel. Ukraine? It’s old news, when the Zionists have to make sure Israel’s barbaric apartheid system continues to function as planned.

In reality, it is a chance for the Zionists to indoctrinate numerous Americans into believing Israel is just a victim. It was attacked by Hamas, and Hamas keeps attacking Israel.

Un point, c’est tout.


So, who will kiss Israel’s ass more often? We say both are about the same. Trump is going to boast about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and maybe even suggest he will annex the West Bank — as per the orders of Miriam Adelson. While Biden is going to flap his wings about how many billions of dollars of our tax money and tons of bombs he sent Benjamin Netanyahu.

Either way, Israel is going to look like it is licking its chops because of the way it exercises its control over some of our compromised politicians.

There is no America first tonight. Only Israel first. Not with Tapper and Bash asking the questions.

Tonight, some of us are going to notice the treachery of the Zionists in America. Most Americans will not.

Welcome to CNN’s Israel ass kissing debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. We advise against consuming any food or beverages due to tool much ass kissing.

The Israel Ass Kissing Debate of the Century

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