Wealthy Democrats Step Up to Defeat Trump

Wealthy Democrats Step Up to Defeat Trump
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Call it “sounding the alarm bells”, as Zachary Wolf of CNN did, or call it “It’s panic time” as we are doing here, but the fact that Donald Trump may win the 2024 elections is sending shivers down our spine. Please tell us it ain’t so. Please tell us that the rich and powerful in the Democratic Party will fund and energize the base more than ever. Wealthy Democrats step up to defeat Trump, or submit to the consequences of his ass rising again to threaten the country from within.

This is not an anti-Republican message, but rather a pro-American one. We cannot afford to have Trump, who stole our most cherished secrets for some sinister goal, become our President again. The intelligence community will close like a clam to protect us from his evil, which means the country would be ever so vulnerable for the next four years of his presidency.

And let us not forget what he might do to Ukraine, and Europe as a result. We might as well select Vladimir Putin as his running mate.

This is about the presumptuous validity of the United States as a country.


Most of those who support Donald Trump are white uneducated Americans, who, we believe, are too ignorant to understand the consequences of their support. The educated ones are stuck into an ideological twilight zone they think provides them the comfort they seek in a turbulent world. Neither group realizes how dangerous he is. We are certain many democrats would not mind Pence, Haley, Christie, or any of the other GOP candidates rather than witnessing Trump in power again.

For heaven’s sake, select another GOP candidate and we will support you. But not Trump. This is no longer about Republican vs. Democrat. This is about the safety of our democracy and country vs. Donald Trump. He will destroy this country the same way Hitler destroyed his. But instead of sparking WWII, Trump would cause such civil strife to divide this country permanently. The Union will never be the same again, to the delight of Putin and all of our enemies abroad.

Wealthy Democrats step up to the plate. This country cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump. We must defeat him in 2024, if he is the GOP nominee, to bury his political dreams for good, and to help us correct this nation’s course, which today is heading towards an unbearably dangerous territory.

Wake-up. This is not about ideology, or political affiliations. It is not about white vs. blacks. And certainly, it is not about wokeness or culture wars the likes of Ron DeSantis has been waging. This is about the presumptuous validity and credibility of the United States as a country.

Will we exist, or will we just die slowly? This is how dangerous Donald Trump is.

Wealthy Democrats Step Up to Defeat Trump

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