Witness the Evil of Israel and The Zionists

Witness the Evil of Israel and the Zionists
Witness the Evil of Israel and the Zionists

Social platforms are full of visual evidence detailing Israeli atrocities against Palestinians women and children in Gaza. In the video here and below, one can witness the evil of Israel as its jets bomb screaming women and children watching from below in Rafah where Israel pushed over 1.5 million escaping Palestinians in an area the size of Heathrow Airport. The Gaza War is like killing fish in a barrel, courtesy of Genocide Joe and the genocidal maniac Benjamin Netanyahu.

The shockwaves of Israel’s atrocities the world over has now become witness to will reverberate for a long, long time. At the expense of not only Israel and the United States, fully complicit in the mass murder of women and children, but also of the 15 million Jews, many of whom are innocent of the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people.

Right now, there is anger, disbelief, and protests, but later, there is going to be boycotts, economic sanctions, and countries unwilling and unprepared to treat the Jews of the world with any respect. There will be an aftershock reckoning against Zionism the world over.




Per Winston Churchill words, one can apply them in modern times, there has never been so few people (Zionists), doing so much damage (to America and the world), in so little time (Gaza War). Zionism is a blemish on American values and the American project because, with its money, it is holding idiotic American politicians by their nuts to do their bidding for Israel.

But then we can’t blame the Zionists only when the American system of power permits the buying of their politicians on the cheap to do harm to their own self interests.

Every American should ask: How much is Israel costing my country in lost treasure, global goodwill, and the projection of soft power on the world stage. The brilliant economist(s) who will tackle this question to come up with real answers will earn the Nobel Economics Prize. No doubt about it. It’s the question of our age.

But considering how much Israel is costing U.S. taxpayers, there is a trend circulating ever so forcefully, which is, in our estimate, a mini revolt against Israel and its impact on our finances when our own suffer from poverty, homelessness, and lack of social services to assist the needy here at home. Enough of a trend to have professionals create such creative ads as this one below.

If Americans don’t care about our blind support for Israeli violence, then maybe they will when they find out it is costing them too much money.


If Americans don’t care about our blind support for Israeli violence, then maybe they will when they find out it is costing them too much money. A brilliant move by the creators of this video above.

As the world is a witness to the evil of Israel and the Zionists, to include the men leading the genocide on Palestinian women and children, there will be a day of reckoning for Israel. The hate is too widespread for countries and people to simply brush off their violence.

The Palestinian people, with their dexterity and survival instincts, will keep reminding the world until the whole Israel project breaks apart and a less violent state, with its pre-1967 borders, rises again.

You can be sure it is coming.

We leave our readers with this heartbreaking video showcasing the evil of Israel and the Zionists as it kills and injures innocent toddlers.

Witness the Evil of Israel and the Zionists

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