The Legacy of Josh Hawley is a One Second Video

The Legacy of Josh Hawley is a One Second Video
The Legacy of Josh Hawley is a One Second Video

In the old days of wars between Syria and Israel, one of the most popular jokes was one that went: Do you know how many gears a Russian tank has? The answer was six. One to move forward and five to reverse. This joke reminds us of Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri whose forward gear lies in his fist and the five reverse gears are mounted on his legs running, like a coward, from the same domestic terrorists he incited minutes before. The legacy of Josh Hawley can be summarized in a one second video running away for his life.

In 1968, Andy Warhol coined the phrase that in the future:

“Everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes”Phrases

Had Josh Hawley been a Senator in the late sixties, Warhol might have slightly changed his famous quote to read “Everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes, except the cowards. Theirs will last one second“.


Legislators in Missouri should explore a new idea to amend their “Show Me State” slogan. “Show Me One Second State” might work. or better yet, “Show Me Josh Hawley Running“. Either way, Josh Hawley has rendered the slogan of Missouri outdated in light of his cowardly run away from the same people he encouraged to attack the Capitol.

We cannot stop repeating this sentence. The same people Josh Hawley incited, he ran away from out of fear for his own life. Coward, we believe, is too gentle a word to describe his depravity.

Another good idea would be for someone to sculpt the Senator running to become the ornament in a town square in Missouri representing this shameful man. Let Missourians learn to vet their candidates better before voting for them.

It is hard to imagine how Josh Hawley is going to survive two disgraceful reputations. One that sparked the Insurrection of January 6, and the one seeing him running away from the very same danger he concocted.

We are happy, though, that he was not born in time to fight WWII. With his ilk, we would have lost that war no question about it. That’s the legacy of Josh Hawley. A one second video that will never die and which shows the coward that he is.

Is it not time to charge Josh Hawley with sedition? Trying to overturn an election is illegal in this country. At least, we think so.

Unless Merrick Garland opens his mouth.

The Legacy of Josh Hawley is a One Second Video

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