Trump Sees Biden Weakness as a Sure 2024 Win

Trump Sees Biden Weakness as a Sure 2024 Win

Don’t tell me that Donald Trump, now 10 months after he mounted a coup against the U.S. Government, misreads the writing on the wall, which, in few words, reads: Biden does not have the balls to charge me with any crimes to include a coup against the U.S. Government. Surely, Trump sees Biden weakness as a sure 2024 win and he is moving in for the kill knowing that between Joe Biden and Merrick Garland, he can consider himself a shoe-in in 2024. There is no one to hold him accountable for his actions. Biden is too weak and Garland seems to be taking a long siesta.

Goodbye American democracy. It was good knowing you for this short of a period. Time has now come to experiment with more sinister forms of government like the apartheid system of South Africa interlaced with angry and violent Nazism and the incompetent fascism of Mussolini. A good cocktail mix representing what Trump stands for as the twice impeached former President.

Heil Trump!

Trump knows Biden does not have the balls to stop him, so he is planning sedition 2.0 right under our noses.


You know very well what’s wrong with our President. It’s the same disease that afflicted British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938 and who truly believed he tamed Hitler through a peace treaty. We can see ghosts of that disease of appeasement through the Biden lens of bipartisanship and maintaining the GOP hold on the Senate through the filibuster. Biden cannot bring himself to confront powerful men for fear he may fold and succumb to their alpha stature.

He simply does not have the disposition or the temperament of a fighter. Unfortunately, one must fight ferociously for peace and peace of mind. To even consider a confrontation or a fight is out of the question. Remember that he was a Vice-President, which is synonymous with being a beta male 100% of the times. Does he not remind you of Mike Pence? Temperament-wise?

Even if Trump is not expected to win in 2024, he is laying the ground to dismantle our democracy piece-by-piece. by undermining our election system. Even in states where he won resoundingly in 2020. Trump knows Biden does not have the balls to stop him, so he is planning sedition 2.0 right under our noses.

Time to tell the President to throw Trump in prison for sedition. Charging him would prevent the Fuhrer from running for office ever again.


Maybe Biden should consider a new White House position, like the “Democracy Czar” and select an attack dog of a politician to manage his fights for him. That would work if he follows their advice. Someone like Rahm Emanuel or even Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Furthermore, Biden needs to replace Merrick Garland with someone that has more than half a personality. Someone who is willing to use the powers of the Justice Department to go after Donald Trump himself. Why FBI agents have not raided his Mar-a-Lago residence to charge him with the crime of mounting a coup against the U.S. Government is beyond me.

Garland would be a good candidate as a Chief Justice, but not as the protector of our democracy. His Jewishness forces him to watch his steps and to be careful not to unleash the wrath of Fuhrer Trump leading an army of angry and violent Protestants..

If Biden, who seems frozen in his own bad decisions, does not act to protect our democracy, we all will have to deal with the end of our Constitutional Republic. Trump, who is mentally unhinged, is coming back with a vengeance, and if Biden cannot stop him, who else can?

Time to tell the President to charge Trump and throw him in prison because this is the only way we can prevent him from running again in 2024. He would disqualify himself as a felon.

Trump Sees Biden Weakness as a Sure 2024 Win

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