Pope Francis Calls Israel-Hamas War Terrorism

Pope Francis Calls Israel-Hamas War Terrorism
Pope Francis Calls Israel-Hamas War Terrorism

One of the most remarkable video appeared on X (Twitter) this morning in which Pope Francis calls Israel-Hamas war as terrorism. The poster made the comment that “Israel and Biden have lost completely the moral argument globally”, which we believe to be a very accurate statement. Except, we would like to add Hamas to the same sentence.

In essence, what Pope Francis is saying is that Israel is as a terrorist entity as Hamas is. yet, the Pope’s words resonating among 1.2 billion Catholics does not seem to bother Netanyahu and his terrorist cabinet. It is by far the most idiotic government ever to ascend to power in Israel, if they cannot figure out what it means to world Jewry the Popes’ words.

The fallout will be far and deep. It will haunt Israel for generations to come.


No one can, consciously, call Hamas a terrorist organization without also calling the Netanyahu government a terrorist entity as well. To be able to kill women and children with such disregard for innocent human life loss is terrorism. On both sides.

So, we agree 100% with Pope Francis labeling the war as an act of terrorism on both sides.

Further, the resumption of hostilities by Israel is a warning for any Arab country to dare and attack Israel ever again. The problem with the Israeli savagery the world is witnessing is that it sends the signal to all actors surrounding Israel that the next time that another war breaks out, Arabs and Muslims are not going it alone. They are going to attack simultaneously to stop Israel from isolating a region to attack it viciously. This is one way to stop Israeli terror in the next war.

It is not lost on all the Arab countries and Iran anymore.

In other words, Israeli violence on Gaza is not an act Iran is going to repeat by using a single-proxy. And if the international community cannot stop the terror of the settlers, we might also see Jordan step up to fight Israeli terror.


Those who are conducting today’s war on Gaza are not taking into consideration the larger implications of their terror on Gaza. Mainly, that the next war will be a multi-front war to stop Israel from terrorizing innocent civilians. Additionally, those we elected in the United States, have no sense of how impactful was their decision to arm Israel to the teeth is going to have on US relations around the globe. Soon, they will find out.

This war is shifting loyalties, interests, and shredding an American system that relies on solidifying allies through diplomacy to pieces. Countries will turn away from the U.S. and join a new world order rising under the leadership of China.

Ignore all the spin the likes of Antony Blinken are spreading around. If the US tells Israel to stop, it will immediately. We are betting 3 billion reasons why Israel would have no choice but to halt its terror.

After this war is over, no amount of arm-twisting is going to help America maintain its grip as a superpower anymore. The United States, because of Israel, has become the problem, and not the solution.

Pope Francis Calls Israel-Hamas War Terrorism

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